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Standard Socket

Low Cost,high performance chip standard socket for mass production,

Significant contact resistance stability and long production life 

Standardized family design,simple and durable,best performance and low cost 

Multiple packages design 

Design for manual test, machine test and burn-in test. 

Shortest design and production cycle time

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Using FTD family standard sockets and lids allows for expediting design and delivery of our products. By utilizing design templates, socket and lid drawings for specific packages can be quickly completed. FTD family standards will allow products to have the same dimensioning features and overall look among multiple packages.

Key Feature

● Standard family design and best test performance 

● WLCSP,BGA,QFN,QFP multiple packages 

● 0.35mm lead pitch 

● Optimized positioning frame design 

● Excellent contact reisitance and current capability 

● Three temperature test capability(-40°C-150°C)

Package type

● Ball aray packages:BGA, LGA, WLCSP, others – 350 µm pitch and up

● Lead package: QFP, SO, others – 350 µm pitch and up

● Leadless package: QFN, others – 350 µm pitch and up


● Lead pitch: >0.35mm 

● Pin force: 15g -40g

● Test travel:0.3mm -0.65mm


● Pin life:500K-1KK 

● Socket Life: >5KK

● Clean frequency:50K-100K


● Socket material: Vespel SP-1, Plavis – N, MDS-100, and Peek ceramic and others 

● Spring pin material: Gold PD


● Contact resistance:50mΩ

● Current capacity:5A continous current 

● Bandwidth: > 20GHZ @-1db

● Inductance: 1.2nH


● Temperature range: -40°C - 150°C

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