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MEMS Socket

MEMS Senor chip with high precision,high performence socket.

Excellent resistance stability and long production life time 

Optimized simple design and cost effective -Suitable for various sensor applications 

Suitable for manual test,machine test and burn-in test

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FTD MEMS sockets have high reliability solution for MEMS device. The sockets have good mechanical stability and electrical stability. It’s suitable for applications of MEMS: accelerometers, gyros, RF oscillators, RF switches and microphones. Products have long lifespan and are easy to maintain.

Key Feature

●  FTD optimized design to provide the best test performance 

●  Mulitiple MEMS sensor application(pressure,magnetic,CMOS) 

●  0.3mm lead pitch,16 sites test 

●  Optimized positioning frame design 

●  Excellent contact reisitance and current capability 

●  Three temperature test capability(-40°C-150°C)

Package type

●  Ball aray packages: BGA, LGA, WLCSP,others – 350 µm pitch and up

●  Lead package: QFP, SO, others –350 µm pitch and up

●  Leadless package: QFN, others – 350 µm pitch and up


●  Lead pitch: >0.3mm                      

●  Pin force: 15g -40g                  

●  Test travel:0.3mm -0.65mm


●  Pin life:500K        

●  Socket Life: >5KK                

●  Clean frequency:50K-100K


●  Socket material:Vespel SP-1, Plavis – N, MDS-100, and Peek ceramic

●  Spring pin material: Gold PD


●  Contact resistance:50mΩ

●  Current capacity:2.5A 持续电流

●  Bandwidth: > 30GHZ @-1db

●  Inductance: 1.0nH


●  Temperature range: -55°C - 150°C

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