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Coax Test Socket

Total metal housing coaxial structure,high frequency and high speed socket.

Significant contact resistance stability and long prodction life 

Self-developed process,simple design and low cost 

Applicable to all package tpye 

Excellent high frequency performance 

Suitable for manual test,machine test and burn-in test

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FTDevice providing professional test interface products in High Frequency RF Area. An internally developed product is a conductive socket material which is selectively insulated with an exceptionally tough coating. This permits single ended bandwidths as high as 40 GHz and digital data rates of as much as 26 Gbps.

Key Feature

●  FTD self-design to provide the best test performance 

●  WLCSP,BGA,QFN,QFP multiple packages    

●  >0.65mm lead pitch 

●  Total metal housing 

●  50Ω Impedance matching,excellent high frequency and high speed performance(45Ghz/28Gbps) 

●  Three temperature test capability(-55°C-150°C)

Package type

●  Ball aray packages:BGA, LGA, WLCSP, others – 350 µm pitch and up

●  Lead package: QFP, SO, others – 350 µm pitch and up

●  Leadless package: QFN, others – 350 µm pitch and up


●  Lead pitch: >0.65mm 

●  Pin force: 15g -40g

●  Test travel:0.3mm -0.65mm


Pin life:300K-800K                     

Socket Life: >5KK                 

Clean frequency:50K-100K


●  Socket material: Metal

  Spring pin material: Gold PD


●  Contact resistance:80mΩ

●  Current capacity:2.5A continous current 

●  Bandwidth: > 50GHZ @-1db

  Inductance: 1.0nH


●  Temperature range: -55°C - 150°C

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