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CES 2015 smart home product inventory


According to foreign media reports, the 2015 CES International Consumer Electronics Show has ended in Las Vegas, USA, and many manufacturers exhibited the latest hardware and software products at this exhibition. As we all know, CES is an important vane of the global technology product industry, and in this CES, smart home is one of the protagonists. At the same time, unlike the previous years, the smart home products exhibited by major manufacturers this year no longer stay at the conceptual level, but appear as "saleable products" in the true sense, which also shows that the smart home and the Internet of Things have passed The development of the past few years has gradually become a climate. So we also have reason to believe that the smart home life for ordinary consumers is getting closer and closer.

Next, let's take a look at some of the more representative smart home products unveiled at this CES.

(1) Qualcomm smart home application scenarios

As a chip manufacturer, Qualcomm was also painstaking at this CES. It directly built a smart home use scenario on its booth, simulating many smart products that may be involved in real life, including not only smart refrigerators and washing machines After the home appliances, there are also traditional smart hardware such as smart light bulbs and smart central control, so that visitors can experience the convenience of smart home more intuitively.

(2) Parrot Pot Smart Flower Pot

From the appearance, Parrot Pot is no different from ordinary flower pots, but in fact it is a smart Bluetooth flower pot with built-in sensors. Parrot Pot's sensors can measure the fertility, temperature, and moisture of the soil and notify the user when the plant is short of water. At the same time, the device can also hold 2 liters of water. If the plant is short of water and is set to automatic mode, it can automatically water through the nozzle on the top.

(3) Misfit Bolt smart bulb

Smart wearable manufacturer Misfit unexpectedly exhibited a smart light bulb named Bolt at this CES. This is a variable color smart light bulb that supports Wi-Fi connection. Its warm white light brightness can meet the basic living lighting needs of families. , Users can customize the color to create a suitable lighting effect in any room. At the same time, Bolt can also cooperate with Misfit's existing sleep monitoring products to simulate the light of sunrise when the user is in a light sleep state to naturally wake up the user. At present, Bolt smart bulbs have been accepted for booking on Misfit's official website, and the price is $49.99 (about 310 yuan).

(4) D-Link smart home product line

Router manufacturer D-Link exhibited a full range of smart home products including home automation, home security and home networking, including smart home central control Hub, smart sockets, sensors, Alarms and network cameras and other products. It is understood that these products can be connected with D-Link's cloud service platform, allowing various electrical appliances in the user's home to interact through wireless connection technology.

(5) Honeywell Lyric home security system

Honeywell exhibited a professional-grade Lyric home security system at CES, which includes a complete set of solutions including smoke alarm, intrusion detection, and dynamic monitoring, and can be connected to smart home appliances to control lights and home theaters. And so on, can even give feedback to the user's voice commands. Lyric home security system uses a control terminal equipped with a touch screen for unified control, which allows users to clearly understand the state of the home while receiving voice commands. However, Honeywell did not disclose the specific price and launch date of the Lyric home security system at the show.

(6) WattUp wireless charging technology

The gradual popularization of smart home technology has made more and more smart devices and sensors in the homes of ordinary consumers, and the demand for wireless charging technology of these devices has become stronger and stronger. Energous's WattUp wireless charging technology is aimed at this demand. And designed wireless charging solution. The coverage of this wireless charging technology is about 4.6 meters, basically able to meet the wireless charging needs of most home users, so WattUp wireless charging technology may fundamentally change the way we use electronic devices in the future, and may even subvert The rules of the game for the entire technology product industry. Energous also revealed at the show that products supporting WattUp wireless charging technology are expected to be available by the end of this year.

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