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China's integrated circuit industry enters the era of capital expansion


In June this year, the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Program was officially announced. The members of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Leading Group established according to the program include the person in charge of the provincial government where the integrated circuit industry is concentrated. The leading group is responsible for overall planning and coordination, integrating and mobilizing resources of the central, local and social sectors.

Apart from measures such as financial support, financial support and tax incentives, one of the highlights of the "Outline" is the proposal to establish a national industrial investment fund. But before this, China's integrated circuit industry has set off a boom in capital mergers and acquisitions.

In August 2013, Tsinghua Unisplendour Group acquired the Spreadtrum technology company listed in the United States, which delisted the latter, and subsequently acquired the third-ranked Radico in the field of integrated circuit design.

"At present, there is a trend in the domestic integrated circuit industry, that is, local governments that are willing to develop the integrated circuit industry have invited leading domestic companies to develop locally, and the two sides have carried out some degree of capital cooperation. In 2013, the integrated circuit industry promotion outline has been in During the preliminary investigation, Tsinghua Unisplendour was able to acquire the No. 1 Spreadtrum of domestic integrated circuit design by capital operation. It is estimated that it has mastered the direction of national policy." A Jinan High-tech Zone staff told reporters.

It is reported that a policy direction of the current round of integrated circuit outline is to encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize to form about 10 internationally competitive enterprises, encourage domestic enterprises to expand international cooperation, mergers and acquisitions to integrate international resources.

"The state will also hand over some tasks to designated key enterprises. For example, the task of the Beidou chip will be handed over to Spreadtrum." The above staff from Jinan High-tech Zone told reporters.

Although the rumored 120 billion national industrial investment fund has not yet been finalized, there is already a reference to the operation of the industrial investment fund. In December 2013, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal Government jointly funded the establishment of the Beijing Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, publicly convened fund managers, and put forward corresponding partnership requirements.

Although the National Industrial Investment Fund is still in preparation, it focuses on supporting the field of integrated circuit manufacturing, taking into account the principle of investment in design, packaging and testing, equipment, and materials. It seems to be "tailor-made" in the industry.

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