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Pop Test Socket

High accuracy 0.4mm pitch POP Test socket

-Self-developed structure and simple design,long production life time.

-Significant contact resistance stability 

-Applicable for 0.4mm and 0.5mm pitch POP package

-Suitable for manual test,machine test and all kind of testing method

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FTD POP test sockets have been providing reliable solutions for both manual and automated testing of package-on-package devices. Our POP test sockets accurately align both top and bottom device pads. FTD has capability to design 0.4mm pitch POP socket with different electrical requirements.

Key Feature

Self-developed structure and simple design,long production life time.

> 0.4mm pitch 

3 temp testing (-55°C - 150°C)

Package type

●  POP package


●  Package pitch: > 0.4mm 

●  Pin Force: 15g -40g

●  Test travel:0.3mm -0.65mm


●  Pin life time:200K-500K                  

●  Socket life time: >5KK               

●  Cleaning frequency:50K-100K


●  socket material: PEI

●  Pin plunger material: PD Alloy

●  Spring material: Steel


●  Contact resistance:50mΩ

●  Current capacity:2.5A 

●  Band width: > 30GHZ @-1db


●  Temperature range: -55°C - 150°C

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